The first meeting of the West Seattle Rock Club was held January 21, 1965. There were 15 charter members. In 1981, there were 84 members. 

July 15-16 in 1967, we had our first show with Frank Minert as chairman. It was a big success as were all succeeding shows. Visitors from Canada, Mexico, Europe and the Orient have signed the show guest book. The show is now held in April. We have cases displaying the work and collections of our members; we have dealers, demonstrators, and one of the liveliest, noisiest silent auctions in existence. 

Our news bulletin, The West Seattle Petroglyphs, was started in 1966 with Guy Michael as editor. Throughout the years, it has been a prize winner. 

In 1968, Fred and Charleen Haggerty, editors, were awarded third place in the Northwest Federation of Mineralogical Societies bulletin contest. 
In 1969, Fred and Charleen were No. 1 in the Top 10 of the NFMS contest. 
In 1972, Gay and Elsie Maddux, editors, were awarded 1st place in the Top 10. 
In 1978, Bob Ross won first prize in the AFMS contest for individual articles with his "The Never Ending Field of Geology". 
In 1978, Ella Cox, editor, placed fifth in the small bulletin category. 
In 1979, Ella Cox, editor, was awarded a third place plaque and a top ten in all classifications certificate, NFMS contest. 

In 1980, Ruby Elliott, editor, was awarded fourth place, New Editors category, in the NFMS contest. 
Our members have won awards in other forms of competition, too: 
Irene Weaver. In 1967, 2nd place red ribbon in silver work. In 1968, 1st place blue ribbon in silverwork. 
Delena Fairley. In 1967, 3rd place in jewelry making. In 1968, 1st place blue ribbon in jewelry making. 
Jean Minert. In 1970, Novice, 1st place in jewelry and best in division. 
Frank Cozens. In 1971, Novice, 1st place blue ribbon for obsidian ships. In 1974, Advanced, 1st place blue ribbon for obsidian ships. 

Frank Cozens received his NFMS and AFMS masters blue ribbons in 1983 at Spokane combined NF/AFMS show. 

Toby Cozens was very involved with the club being Federation Director, Treasurer for a number of years and Circulation for the Newsletter and in charge of the Library; among other responsibilities that she gladly accepted. 
In 1981, our club was awarded third place for its case at the NFMS show. 

There are many sides to our hobby: making cabochons, faceting, silver work, enamelling, and collecting minerals and fossils. Long time members are always willing to help newcomers in their chosen field.

History of the West Seattle Rock Club