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West Seattle Rock Club is a club dedicated to the advancement of the lapidary arts and to enjoying the great outdoors.

The purpose of this club is to promote the study and enjoyment of the lapidary arts with good rockhounding and good fellowship; and to further education and lapidary skills for all; to conduct field trips for exploration and collection of minerals, gems, rocks and fossils; to promote shows and displays; to publish a monthly periodical known as "West Seattle PETROGLYPHS" relating to club activities. 

The West Seattle Rock Club is affiliated with: Northwest Federation of Mineralogical Societies, American Federation of Mineralogical SocietiesWashington State Mineral Council, and the American Land Access Association

Join us for rockhounding, collecting petrified wood, agates, quartz, crystals, geodes, and attend rock and gem club shows. Take lapidary classes and learn about faceting, geology, minerals, fossils, silversmithing, making cabochons, knapping, and wire wrapping. All this and more at WSRC, West Seattle, Washington.

About Us

Purpose of the West Seattle Rock Club, Inc. 
To conduct classes and seminars in geology, mineralogy, crystallography and paleantology and workshops in lapidary arts and skills. 

To conduct field trips for exploration and collection of minerals, gems, rocks, and fossils. 

To promote shows and displays or to join with other clubs, societies or federations in the promotion of displays and shows of minerals, gems, rocks, fossils and lapidary products. 

To publish a monthly periodical known as WEST SEATTLE PETROGLYPHS relating to club activities, affairs and subjects relative to the purpose of the club, for distribution to the members.